Five Great Reasons to Keep a Personal Journal

Many people own personal journals, but don’t often write in them. It seems they have somewhat of a desire to keep a journal or they wouldn’t own one. Yet they just can’t seem to find the time to write. Giving a person a “why” can often help them figure out the how. Here are 5 great reasons to set aside some time on a consistent basis to write in a journal.

#1 Journaling connects pathways in the brain. Did you know that the act of cursive writing actually strengthens the brain? In the book The Brain That Changes Itself, we learn of the studies that have been conducted, showing that something powerful is going on upstairs when we engage in the physical act of cursive writing. The brain actually creates new pathways. Cursive writing is an excellent therapy for anyone, especially those who need neurological healing. For some reason cursive writing is more beneficial than manuscript, and both are better for brain health than using an electronic device such as a computer, ipad, phone, or ipod.

#2 Journaling is found to be extremely therapeutic. Therapists all over the world have incorporated journaling into the healing programs they place their patients on. A journal is an excellent place to work out difficult memories, come to terms with grief, release stress, tension, anger, and a string of other emotions that tend to stay bottled up inside causing stress to the body which translates into illness and a reduction in the quality of life. Just tell it to your journal. It may help you feel a lot better.

#3 Writing down your goals, aspirations, dreams, and visions, is a must if you expect to accomplish them. We’ve learned from many different self-help or success, gurus that it is a vitally important step. Stephen Covey teaches in 7 Habits of Highly Successful People that “Writing Crystalizes Thought”. What better place is there to write down your dreams than in your personal journal? You have a much better chance of realizing them.

#4 Keeping track is another great use for a journal. Athletes keep track of their performance through journaling. Gardeners keep track of what they grow in which beds and how different varieties of plants performed. Hunters keep track of areas, ammunition, directions in and out of their favorite spots and where certain types of game gather. Vacationers take notes about the hotels, car rentals, cruises, restaurants, and great places they visit – also including what not to do the next time. You may not think this kind of journaling is of value until you start doing it. You’ll be glad you did.

#5 Gratitude journaling has the power to lift any mood, bring sunshine to your day, put things in a different perspective, and fill you with positive, creative energy. Gratitude journaling is especially useful when we are going through those really rough times that come to every life. You can start or end your day by jotting down all the things you’re grateful for that day. Write for 10 minutes being very thoughtful about your entries. Another way you can approach gratitude journaling is by writing down 100 things you’re grateful for without stopping – even if you repeat some things. It is a very revealing activity – sort of a look into your soul.

Any one of these reasons is an excellent reason to set some time aside on a regular basis to write in your journal. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how journal writing enriches your life.

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